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Pbfl Dear Death

Give me death, for life is lonely

Give me death, one reason only

To put strings and chords to heart

And destroy my pain with art.

With no death we lay as lame,

Love is useless, so is pain.

With no death no life is needed

We will die, do you believe it?

Death is humble and discrete

Death is honest and distinct

Death is coming not to end,

Death is now my dearest friend.

Dear Death Behind

Death is silent when it screams,

We all see it in our dreams,

We don’t see it while awake,

Changes we don’t like to make.

Death is soft as children’s touch,

In her palms we see our stains,

While our tears are falling down

From the egos in our names.

Dearest death, you are my loyal

And my secret push to walk,

You are here to take me further

Far away from earthly park.

Pbfl Dear Death black (more…)

The internet offers the opportunity to express yourself and be heard by the whole world in a blink of an eye and musicians found this as the perfect way to get away from record labels and do things on their own. This kind of escape is dual and mostly has negative results on art and on artists as well…why do I say that? Because in a big record label there is a team, there are connections to the main media, there are the best people involved and they are making the big money plus also keep in mind that I am not signed so I don’t really have an interest to write this favoring the labels but still…in a professional team you are a musician, nothing more nothing less and that’s why you can be creative and prolific, because there is someone maybe better than you covering every single aspect of the product that you sell.

Pbfl Independence Thoughts

By themselves musicians have the tendency to become dictators, self called gods, they start to believe they can PR, shoot a video, edit it, do make-up, materials for promotion, articles in the press…almost everything and that way the music fades, it gets weak. Ok, maybe you can get some money as an independent musician but you will never get the thrill of the big rollercoaster, you will triple your stress and effort and let’s be honest you will never win against a big record label, you will never have the radio, the TV, the sales, the money, the no. 1 hits and the top professionals, the exposure… on.

I do believe that you don’t need a record label to become an artist but you absolutely need it to live as one, to make your message heard working shoulder to shoulder with the top people of the industry, people you can never hire as an independent.

I wrote this after watching a lot of attempts of so called “independence” by people who are really destroying the art of music and music video by trying to do everything as cheap and as fast as they can working with amateurs or mixing, mastering, composing, directing, promoting alone….I am independent but I hope that will change soon not because I don’t work with the best right now, my team is truly gifted, but because I want to fight in the big league, that is the true competition.

If all we did until now is to destroy everything around us I wonder why we don’t finish all this parade. I miss the hope that music used to give to me 10 – 15 years ago, I miss the trust I could have in artists, I miss the joy of finding myself in the lyrics of a track, music is supposed to bring us together not to make us autistic and idiots.

The young minds these days fall with innocence into the pit of lost souls not even knowing there is another way, alone, stranded, misunderstood, abandoned even by their selves in a time where music pushes them to wear headphones so big that they don’t even hear their own heart beating … isolating them selves from the sound of a crying world who passes the away taking them under along with it.

Agony is chocked by glamour, it is all shape now, all symbols – no content, everything goes on in your head, nothing is out there for you to rely on and suddenly all you have left are your tears. Sad, cruel but deserved by each and every one of us, we refuse culture, we refuse knowledge, we refuse sacrifice and pain, we refuse to die being dead already.

Is This It

Is this it?


 fame and fortune

Is this it?

The wealth and stones

    Is this why we hurt each-other

In the frenzy OF the bones

Crush and brake

For pride and sorrow?

Crush and brake

For greed and lust?

Crush and brake

To be somebody??

In the media we trust??

All I have is tears of madness

For my people lose their grip

On their soul and on their passion

On their lives and go to sleep

In my pain there is no hope

There’s no future for a man

All these kids are losing battles

Playing gently by the plan

I approach the war with patience

All there is for me to do

Is expect the unexpected

From the work I’m here to do.

Double “R” stands for many things from luxury vehicles to rap crews. I plan to approach this expression from a different point of view – Reality and Responsibility – connecting it with my line of work.

   My 1st “R” – reality – is a positive one, music never fails to be the perfect advocate of it’s times, the perfect painter, the perfect photographer. Music nowadays exceeds with sexual and superficial content. Nobody fights for a cause, nobody seems to care about the beauty hidden deep into the human soul, all they care about these days is having fun by any means – with no reason, be as easy and as superficial as you can, be as one even though you have totally different approach  angle to life, have sex with as many partners as you can, don’t care about the one next to you, use any argument to get drunk or high, learn and work as little as you can and…you will be happy.

Pbfl Double R Thoughts

   The lyrics became scares too, poor writing is a trend these days, even rappers turned to clichés, simple rhymes with no substance, being lame is the trend we must overcome and I’m afraid we won’t… that’s why I’m writing right now – sadness – nothing solid comes from the music of today. Few names out there stayed loyal to the true principles of art but even they look sad doing it, the feeling of hopeless attempts runs through anyone’s soul who turns on a radio or a TV on a mainstream station.

   Responsibility seems dead and gone so these kids learn to use each other as simple tools, they learn to walk their steps with a mirror in their hands, only carrying about their own personal satisfaction, woman and man will not stand as one in the future, money becomes the main judging criteria in our society, not knowledge, not heart, not graciousness, not bravery, not goals……

   Sadness can not be removed from my spirit; right now I sit and watch the poor constitution of the future society surrounded by a thick mist coming from a virus called “lack of love”. We don’t love each-other anymore, at all, we don’t stop to teach, we don’t reach anymore, we don’t open up, we hide, we deceive, we reduce everything to symbols with no essence and what is worse…is that we don’t even realize the gravity of it.

  My double R is broken, reality is here, you can count on it but the responsibility is dead and gone, just like the man-woman relationship today, reality stands alone, responsibility developed a enormous ego considering itself to important to start from 0 again for the sake of mankind and you know what? Mankind deserves it!! Mankind abandoned itself before music’s responsibility did so – what do we do now? This is how I really feel.

  Boys are looking for girls and girls are looking for boys in a time where words like: “trust” or “love” became similar with “hi” or “something”… the passion for a deep search dies everyday nowadays when passion becomes similar with the quickness of taking off your clothes, a relationship is nothing more than a way to present yourself in the society…to be or not to be in a relationship doesn’t affect the behavior of those involved in it anymore. Respect is even more extinct but who needs it? This so called important rule of the human society is caging the individual to express freely on the sexual market as he is supposed to, plus it gives you responsibility and weight in any decision…who needs that?

Superficial To This Word I Say No Pbfl

  Boys should be looking for girls, not for sexual objects with no feelings and personality and girls should be looking for boys, not for just somebody to take them out or just a sexual partner with a body attached to the organ or to the wallet. To do that, the search should be deep, based on real reasons of attraction, common interests, common beliefs not just a physical detail or a fantasy that we must fulfill because we’ve seen it a porn movie.

  Sadly even when the search gets deep and people try hard not to be superficial the result is just as tragic because without knowing it the media and the trends already made them superficial so the words and the actions are not based on true and honest feelings…so the majority of the girls are complaining about boys being selfish pigs and the majority of boys are complaining about girl for being heartless, easy, stupid bitches…fact is you like it like that because it takes the responsibility off your shoulders so you can act and talk anyway you want without getting any blame from the society who…does the same.

   Fallowing that, my questions for you out there are: in stead of being another voice complaining – What do you do to change that? How hard do you try to respect the one beside you? How loyal and faithful are you? How honest? Do you feel you deserve to be treated with respect? If so do you offer it 1st?

  My respond to this is: NO!  Cuz even complaining these days is part of the trend, the music these days teaches you to cheat one-another, hit, spit, curse, shoot each-other…abuse, use, buy and sell one-another … Am I wrong to think about the kids who will come to life in this trend of living? What about the teenagers who grow up on the lyrics and sounds of today?

  Once again back to: NO! Cuz if you were trying the struggle should have been obvious…but fact is there is no struggle for love because “I love you” is used even more than “hello and goodbye” together.

  Superficial – this is the word of our times and all you get out of it is loneliness and pain. To this word I say NO!!

To watch or not to watch a TV show where “specialists” are looking for new talents, future artist undiscovered yet, people who are looking for a shot to fame and fortune.

  We didn’t have these kind of shows 30-40-50 years ago and still we had the best artists discovered and signed, most of them leaving behind evergreen classics, works of art, enormous sales, world wide fame without Youtube, satellite radio and so on…

  I watched only one of these shows and then I fallowed the winner’s so called carrier in the music industry…for me it is clear that none of the people “discovered” here will become a great name because none of them is a true artist. Ok, they can have a good selling single or maybe an album due to the industry’s power and promotion plus the wave of popularity after the TV show, but that’s all that it is to it.

To Watch Tv Or Not

  Why do I say that? Well, because a true artist will never bring his creation in front of a jury (to much personality and self confidence), a true artist doesn’t need instant fame, a true artist has an individual race for his message-a unique path, a true artist doesn’t present himself hopeless and weak waiting for some TV show to make him strong, a true artist fights against the main trends of his time, a true artist stands alone, a true artist serves the people not tries to trick them into buying his work, a true artist demands respect for his originality and these contests clearly don’t search for that, a true artist would never betray art and its ways.

  Art is beauty, love, truth, hope and music is maybe even more important than food and friends that’s why you should be looking for true artists not for TV show fame freaks but what’s worse is the fact that they use kids, talented ones, but still kids who are not yet responsible for their actions, they don’t even had the chance to choose singing yet as a career, they are not grown, how many of them will make it? … they have so much work ahead even if they will choose art in the future but still they are just tools for audience…our need to be famous, the vanity hunger, our nobody status, lack of musical knowledge, our weak souls are keys for these kind of TV shows success.

We wish for somebody just like us to become something that we will never have the chance to become just because we don’t know who we are where we stand anymore…we are not all supposed to be famous, do we know what to do with it? Can we handle it? Does it make us better people? Isn’t it just a sickness?

  Ok, a TV show can bring you instant fame but it will never make you an artist so…who do we really want to listen to, famous people or true artists? 

 I don’t point the finger unless I can deliver at least one solution, I don’t go around delicate subjects, I approach every single one of them, I don’t believe in stars and idols, I believe in God, I love art, I love and respect women, I see music as a gift so I hate when music becomes the downfall factor for the teens and the anarchy and crime excuse in the behavior of people all around the world.

  I am full aware of the reality that surrounds me and as a result of it I will never write “politically correct” music…death is too real for that.

Pbfl logo

I don’t believe in colors, I do believe in pain

I don’t believe in cowards, I like to use my brain

I don’t enjoy the bullshit, I love the taste of truth

I don’t deny my spirit, I fight to rise the youth 

My heart is full of sadness

My people live to buy

My heart is full of anger

We do not even try 

The treasure is the music

The messengers, all die

The courage is the lyric

The artist – born to cry.