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Wasted Freedom

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Pbfl Thoughts
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Life…we know we ‘re here but we don’t know when we’re going to leave.

What are we looking for? …I believe we are looking for us.

Why do we live? … To love and respect, to sacrifice and cry, laugh and lose.

What experiences do we really need? Any, as long as they fallow a logic and a principle, as long as they are going to change our behavior once they are done.

How do we know what’s good for us? By asking, by analyzing before jumping into things. Do you really need to betray? To deceive? To steal? To kill? To abuse? To destroy? To take drugs? To fight?

Do you really need to learn Chinese? Spanish? French? Economy?  Well all those answers come with a result too, because if they don’t we are going to waste all the time we get in this life searching for…nothing and going nowhere.

Wasted Free-dome

If u let a dog on a chain it will be a dog all its life doing what the instinct dictates, also if u take it off the chain, only education will make the dog useful to you knowing every step that it will always remain a dog.

As a human the instinct should not be the motor of our behavior, the soul and the brain must work together to solve the problems, to make the choices for our happiness. Childhood offers us the starting point, we each have different skills, we each have different opinions, we each feel different faced with certain situation, judging by that you should start your education so you can become useful to yourself, to win, to succeed, to reach your goals.

If you do great on mathematics I don’t see why you should study more literature, if you are a proven talented athlete why should you try to be a doctor? Ok, I know that once you grow you change but what I’m trying to say is that deep inside you know who you are and what you need but fact is you don’t give yourself enough time, you listen hard patient enough, you go with the flow, you don’t analyze yourself close enough to see where and how you perform the best.

The society holds no blame, faith doesn’t either, family neither, if you get the courage to hold yourself responsible for your actions and do not trick or lie to yourself, life will reward you a million times better…and maybe even more.

Also if you get into situations or around people that make you feel not well…you are supposed to quit, leave, change direction, don’t allow those things or people affect you.

My key to life is blame nobody but yourself, that way you will happy with your choices when u choose good and always learning something and progress when you chose wrong.

Please, don’t waste your freedom on anything.

Please, be responsible and you will be human.



To watch or not to watch a TV show where “specialists” are looking for new talents, future artist undiscovered yet, people who are looking for a shot to fame and fortune.

  We didn’t have these kind of shows 30-40-50 years ago and still we had the best artists discovered and signed, most of them leaving behind evergreen classics, works of art, enormous sales, world wide fame without Youtube, satellite radio and so on…

  I watched only one of these shows and then I fallowed the winner’s so called carrier in the music industry…for me it is clear that none of the people “discovered” here will become a great name because none of them is a true artist. Ok, they can have a good selling single or maybe an album due to the industry’s power and promotion plus the wave of popularity after the TV show, but that’s all that it is to it.

To Watch Tv Or Not

  Why do I say that? Well, because a true artist will never bring his creation in front of a jury (to much personality and self confidence), a true artist doesn’t need instant fame, a true artist has an individual race for his message-a unique path, a true artist doesn’t present himself hopeless and weak waiting for some TV show to make him strong, a true artist fights against the main trends of his time, a true artist stands alone, a true artist serves the people not tries to trick them into buying his work, a true artist demands respect for his originality and these contests clearly don’t search for that, a true artist would never betray art and its ways.

  Art is beauty, love, truth, hope and music is maybe even more important than food and friends that’s why you should be looking for true artists not for TV show fame freaks but what’s worse is the fact that they use kids, talented ones, but still kids who are not yet responsible for their actions, they don’t even had the chance to choose singing yet as a career, they are not grown, how many of them will make it? … they have so much work ahead even if they will choose art in the future but still they are just tools for audience…our need to be famous, the vanity hunger, our nobody status, lack of musical knowledge, our weak souls are keys for these kind of TV shows success.

We wish for somebody just like us to become something that we will never have the chance to become just because we don’t know who we are where we stand anymore…we are not all supposed to be famous, do we know what to do with it? Can we handle it? Does it make us better people? Isn’t it just a sickness?

  Ok, a TV show can bring you instant fame but it will never make you an artist so…who do we really want to listen to, famous people or true artists?