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 I don’t point the finger unless I can deliver at least one solution, I don’t go around delicate subjects, I approach every single one of them, I don’t believe in stars and idols, I believe in God, I love art, I love and respect women, I see music as a gift so I hate when music becomes the downfall factor for the teens and the anarchy and crime excuse in the behavior of people all around the world.

  I am full aware of the reality that surrounds me and as a result of it I will never write “politically correct” music…death is too real for that.

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I don’t believe in colors, I do believe in pain

I don’t believe in cowards, I like to use my brain

I don’t enjoy the bullshit, I love the taste of truth

I don’t deny my spirit, I fight to rise the youth 

My heart is full of sadness

My people live to buy

My heart is full of anger

We do not even try 

The treasure is the music

The messengers, all die

The courage is the lyric

The artist – born to cry.