I wrote 8(Perfect) with no other intention but to capture that precise moment when everything is perfect next to your partner, when you feel your love becomes eternal and it has no drawbacks…I wrote exactly what I was feeling in detail from my own life, from my own love story, not thinking about the flow, not thinking about the rest. I got lost in that state of mind and all that fallowed was the chase for the instruments and the sound of it.

It was the most complicated instrumental we ever produced; we argued a lot … me and the Agresiv team back in 2007… I wanted live instruments, they didn’t…so in 2010 I did it in my own way picking the voices for the chorus, the strings, the drums and send it for mastering to Chris Athens(Sterling Sound) maybe one of the most respected names in the industry.

After that it came the video where the job was even more difficult due to the fact that I had a love story and we didn’t know how exactly to present it … so we decided to remain with the “falling in love at 1st sight”…that moment known as being extremely intense, memorable.

The style of the video is short movie, with director and D.O.P. awarded at Cannes Film Festival, professional young actors and full film crew.

  8(Perfect) is a proof of my 100% realness and honesty, I kept nothing hidden, I’ve wrote down my life, my deepest feelings chasing the perfect sound just to capture the emotion that inspired this song.

This track is also a tribute of mine to the old school hip hop love, that vibe of love and respect, that optimistic and direct approach.

This song made me realize I am a happy man.

There is nothing, without God

There is nothing, without pain

There is nothing else but love

In this life, for us, to aim.


To watch or not to watch a TV show where “specialists” are looking for new talents, future artist undiscovered yet, people who are looking for a shot to fame and fortune.

  We didn’t have these kind of shows 30-40-50 years ago and still we had the best artists discovered and signed, most of them leaving behind evergreen classics, works of art, enormous sales, world wide fame without Youtube, satellite radio and so on…

  I watched only one of these shows and then I fallowed the winner’s so called carrier in the music industry…for me it is clear that none of the people “discovered” here will become a great name because none of them is a true artist. Ok, they can have a good selling single or maybe an album due to the industry’s power and promotion plus the wave of popularity after the TV show, but that’s all that it is to it.

To Watch Tv Or Not

  Why do I say that? Well, because a true artist will never bring his creation in front of a jury (to much personality and self confidence), a true artist doesn’t need instant fame, a true artist has an individual race for his message-a unique path, a true artist doesn’t present himself hopeless and weak waiting for some TV show to make him strong, a true artist fights against the main trends of his time, a true artist stands alone, a true artist serves the people not tries to trick them into buying his work, a true artist demands respect for his originality and these contests clearly don’t search for that, a true artist would never betray art and its ways.

  Art is beauty, love, truth, hope and music is maybe even more important than food and friends that’s why you should be looking for true artists not for TV show fame freaks but what’s worse is the fact that they use kids, talented ones, but still kids who are not yet responsible for their actions, they don’t even had the chance to choose singing yet as a career, they are not grown, how many of them will make it? … they have so much work ahead even if they will choose art in the future but still they are just tools for audience…our need to be famous, the vanity hunger, our nobody status, lack of musical knowledge, our weak souls are keys for these kind of TV shows success.

We wish for somebody just like us to become something that we will never have the chance to become just because we don’t know who we are where we stand anymore…we are not all supposed to be famous, do we know what to do with it? Can we handle it? Does it make us better people? Isn’t it just a sickness?

  Ok, a TV show can bring you instant fame but it will never make you an artist so…who do we really want to listen to, famous people or true artists? 

Pbfl Carry Me Out

Carry me out is the result of my radio listening…basically I was sick of those short, no direction, no values, fake and superficial lyrics. I like the sound of 2011, I really enjoy the clearness and the sharpness of today’s recordings but I hate the lyrics so I felt the need to be carrier away from all this. That’s how I got my idea.

   I didn’t write the music that’s why the sound is not as aggressive as I like it but the feeling of the instrumental was inspired by my state of mind. I wrote the lyrics thinking about all that they seem to forget these days, J. Yolo wrote the chorus and I do believe it is a great one.

  The track is easy going, happy, it is not as street as I am, it is not as extreme as I am, it is not as rap as I produce but it is a track with a modern feeling, a track made to compete with all the heavy rotation jams out there.

  I wrote exactly from the heart, I wanted to say things without thinking to much about the flow, this is not a hip hop song

even thou it serves the people as a true hip hop track should. I grew up with hip hop and rap and that can not be removed from my blood. I

always think about what a kid will understand when it plays my song…I don’t want them to get lost even more than they already are, I want them to feel my love and respect, my devotion towards the main human values and my ability to fight for it.

“I got song

And everybody free to play

I got a heart

And everybody free to stay”

 I don’t point the finger unless I can deliver at least one solution, I don’t go around delicate subjects, I approach every single one of them, I don’t believe in stars and idols, I believe in God, I love art, I love and respect women, I see music as a gift so I hate when music becomes the downfall factor for the teens and the anarchy and crime excuse in the behavior of people all around the world.

  I am full aware of the reality that surrounds me and as a result of it I will never write “politically correct” music…death is too real for that.

Pbfl logo

I don’t believe in colors, I do believe in pain

I don’t believe in cowards, I like to use my brain

I don’t enjoy the bullshit, I love the taste of truth

I don’t deny my spirit, I fight to rise the youth 

My heart is full of sadness

My people live to buy

My heart is full of anger

We do not even try 

The treasure is the music

The messengers, all die

The courage is the lyric

The artist – born to cry.