Teo Anton a.k.a Pbfl

         Born on 29.09.1981 in Bucharest, Theodore Anton a.k.a Pbfl grew up in a suburb of the capital. The fall of communism reveals a world that Romania had no access to it, the free world who pushed him to fight the masked capitalism that Romania was experimenting and still is.

Pbfl Teo Anton
Begin to learn and imitate the songs and choreographed videos which then invaded radio and television, repeating in the garage with a friend. Doesn’t long more till the community find about his talent. Soon begins to take small shows in the classroom, in the primitive bars and discos of that time, as noted by a teacher who visits mother and insist that he go to a club where they exploit this gift.
It is accepted in one of the best dance bands in the country and begins to appear in shows. At the same time becomes more attracted to the streets dynamics which he wanted to be a part of it. Unfair competition dance troupe performances and gradually eliminating him from the shows, unsupported by family financial reasons, he lost interest in dance and is focused on the money they need and could not get to them from any ware except then the streets.
Becomes close to one of the neighborhood groups and at the same time, another group opponent is pushed into a violent conflicts that he loses most often due to lack of experience and non-aggressive character. Everything changes with admission to high school, when he is forced to survive a new environment, hostile and discriminatory. Rejection and hatred cause him to change and become increasingly colder and bitterer in a solitary struggle in which the lessons were taught that criminals begin to identify increasingly more after graduation.
In 2000 already owned three pit bull, first buying it in 1998 with money that he obtained by selling an impressive collection of tapes and CDs that he used at parties where he was a DJ and mix tapes that he sold.
He gathers increasing activity as the BMIK (Black Mamba Indian Kennel). In parallel with attempts to leave the country and becomes a professional breeder, witch feed a family irreparable dispute and try to increase income through illegal activities leading to multiple arrests, potentially more problems.

Pbfl Photo Shoot

In 2002, the Romanian government adopted an ordinance prohibiting the possession of American Pit Bull Terrier breed and thus pressed on all sides to come under the scope of the law, trying to cross the border into Serbia along with best friend and with 9 dogs. Not finding fails to transport neutral portion of the two countries. The back, left without options, to end at the moment all his ambitions and hopes. In February 2003 splits the dogs, the only real friends, in what would be a crucial moment in his life, keeping a baby but do not lose the line. Starting work at Black decided to give up revenue from the street and began to write opinions, experiences and feelings, lost American rap albums that you listen to most of the time, decided to not look, do not give up and not leave defeated.
In 2004 decided to turn everything he had written into songs…


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