Is This It?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Pbfl Thoughts
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If all we did until now is to destroy everything around us I wonder why we don’t finish all this parade. I miss the hope that music used to give to me 10 – 15 years ago, I miss the trust I could have in artists, I miss the joy of finding myself in the lyrics of a track, music is supposed to bring us together not to make us autistic and idiots.

The young minds these days fall with innocence into the pit of lost souls not even knowing there is another way, alone, stranded, misunderstood, abandoned even by their selves in a time where music pushes them to wear headphones so big that they don’t even hear their own heart beating … isolating them selves from the sound of a crying world who passes the away taking them under along with it.

Agony is chocked by glamour, it is all shape now, all symbols – no content, everything goes on in your head, nothing is out there for you to rely on and suddenly all you have left are your tears. Sad, cruel but deserved by each and every one of us, we refuse culture, we refuse knowledge, we refuse sacrifice and pain, we refuse to die being dead already.

Is This It

Is this it?


 fame and fortune

Is this it?

The wealth and stones

    Is this why we hurt each-other

In the frenzy OF the bones

Crush and brake

For pride and sorrow?

Crush and brake

For greed and lust?

Crush and brake

To be somebody??

In the media we trust??

All I have is tears of madness

For my people lose their grip

On their soul and on their passion

On their lives and go to sleep

In my pain there is no hope

There’s no future for a man

All these kids are losing battles

Playing gently by the plan

I approach the war with patience

All there is for me to do

Is expect the unexpected

From the work I’m here to do.

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