Double “R” And For What It stands

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Pbfl Thoughts
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Double “R” stands for many things from luxury vehicles to rap crews. I plan to approach this expression from a different point of view – Reality and Responsibility – connecting it with my line of work.

   My 1st “R” – reality – is a positive one, music never fails to be the perfect advocate of it’s times, the perfect painter, the perfect photographer. Music nowadays exceeds with sexual and superficial content. Nobody fights for a cause, nobody seems to care about the beauty hidden deep into the human soul, all they care about these days is having fun by any means – with no reason, be as easy and as superficial as you can, be as one even though you have totally different approach  angle to life, have sex with as many partners as you can, don’t care about the one next to you, use any argument to get drunk or high, learn and work as little as you can and…you will be happy.

Pbfl Double R Thoughts

   The lyrics became scares too, poor writing is a trend these days, even rappers turned to clichés, simple rhymes with no substance, being lame is the trend we must overcome and I’m afraid we won’t… that’s why I’m writing right now – sadness – nothing solid comes from the music of today. Few names out there stayed loyal to the true principles of art but even they look sad doing it, the feeling of hopeless attempts runs through anyone’s soul who turns on a radio or a TV on a mainstream station.

   Responsibility seems dead and gone so these kids learn to use each other as simple tools, they learn to walk their steps with a mirror in their hands, only carrying about their own personal satisfaction, woman and man will not stand as one in the future, money becomes the main judging criteria in our society, not knowledge, not heart, not graciousness, not bravery, not goals……

   Sadness can not be removed from my spirit; right now I sit and watch the poor constitution of the future society surrounded by a thick mist coming from a virus called “lack of love”. We don’t love each-other anymore, at all, we don’t stop to teach, we don’t reach anymore, we don’t open up, we hide, we deceive, we reduce everything to symbols with no essence and what is worse…is that we don’t even realize the gravity of it.

  My double R is broken, reality is here, you can count on it but the responsibility is dead and gone, just like the man-woman relationship today, reality stands alone, responsibility developed a enormous ego considering itself to important to start from 0 again for the sake of mankind and you know what? Mankind deserves it!! Mankind abandoned itself before music’s responsibility did so – what do we do now? This is how I really feel.

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