Superficial To This Word I Say NO!!

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Pbfl Thoughts
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  Boys are looking for girls and girls are looking for boys in a time where words like: “trust” or “love” became similar with “hi” or “something”… the passion for a deep search dies everyday nowadays when passion becomes similar with the quickness of taking off your clothes, a relationship is nothing more than a way to present yourself in the society…to be or not to be in a relationship doesn’t affect the behavior of those involved in it anymore. Respect is even more extinct but who needs it? This so called important rule of the human society is caging the individual to express freely on the sexual market as he is supposed to, plus it gives you responsibility and weight in any decision…who needs that?

Superficial To This Word I Say No Pbfl

  Boys should be looking for girls, not for sexual objects with no feelings and personality and girls should be looking for boys, not for just somebody to take them out or just a sexual partner with a body attached to the organ or to the wallet. To do that, the search should be deep, based on real reasons of attraction, common interests, common beliefs not just a physical detail or a fantasy that we must fulfill because we’ve seen it a porn movie.

  Sadly even when the search gets deep and people try hard not to be superficial the result is just as tragic because without knowing it the media and the trends already made them superficial so the words and the actions are not based on true and honest feelings…so the majority of the girls are complaining about boys being selfish pigs and the majority of boys are complaining about girl for being heartless, easy, stupid bitches…fact is you like it like that because it takes the responsibility off your shoulders so you can act and talk anyway you want without getting any blame from the society who…does the same.

   Fallowing that, my questions for you out there are: in stead of being another voice complaining – What do you do to change that? How hard do you try to respect the one beside you? How loyal and faithful are you? How honest? Do you feel you deserve to be treated with respect? If so do you offer it 1st?

  My respond to this is: NO!  Cuz even complaining these days is part of the trend, the music these days teaches you to cheat one-another, hit, spit, curse, shoot each-other…abuse, use, buy and sell one-another … Am I wrong to think about the kids who will come to life in this trend of living? What about the teenagers who grow up on the lyrics and sounds of today?

  Once again back to: NO! Cuz if you were trying the struggle should have been obvious…but fact is there is no struggle for love because “I love you” is used even more than “hello and goodbye” together.

  Superficial – this is the word of our times and all you get out of it is loneliness and pain. To this word I say NO!!


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