Pbfl Carry Me Out

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Pbfl Music
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Pbfl Carry Me Out

Carry me out is the result of my radio listening…basically I was sick of those short, no direction, no values, fake and superficial lyrics. I like the sound of 2011, I really enjoy the clearness and the sharpness of today’s recordings but I hate the lyrics so I felt the need to be carrier away from all this. That’s how I got my idea.

   I didn’t write the music that’s why the sound is not as aggressive as I like it but the feeling of the instrumental was inspired by my state of mind. I wrote the lyrics thinking about all that they seem to forget these days, J. Yolo wrote the chorus and I do believe it is a great one.

  The track is easy going, happy, it is not as street as I am, it is not as extreme as I am, it is not as rap as I produce but it is a track with a modern feeling, a track made to compete with all the heavy rotation jams out there.

  I wrote exactly from the heart, I wanted to say things without thinking to much about the flow, this is not a hip hop song

even thou it serves the people as a true hip hop track should. I grew up with hip hop and rap and that can not be removed from my blood. I

always think about what a kid will understand when it plays my song…I don’t want them to get lost even more than they already are, I want them to feel my love and respect, my devotion towards the main human values and my ability to fight for it.

“I got song

And everybody free to play

I got a heart

And everybody free to stay”


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